Pave your way to Permanent Residency (PR)

As a college student in the IT field, you are most likely aware, that experience in your field (or related field) is a required in order to grant you enough points to pursue your path to work-permit, permanent residency (PR) and finally citizenship in the US and Canada. We will give you what you need. Period. Hundreds of students have been done their coop with us.

We offer CO-OP, Internships, FT Jobs

We have offered, through our Alliances and Partnerships, co-op, internships and full-time opportunities to our many students. This has helped Students to secure Permanent Residency status, On-the-field experience which is required by the Canadian Government and personal and professional growth. Get trained and COOP at the same time.

We offer student-price IT training

Software Training Academy believes that college and university students are the foundation of our marketplace. These student should be given an opportunity to strengthen their academic skills through technical certification, flexible training hours and reduced price when compared to corporate training.

No need to quit your current job

All courses are delivered LIVE through the web and classes are recorded for your convenience. Join thousands of students from India, Jordan, Brazil, Vietnam, Ukraine, China, Middle East who are now working at places like RBC, Scotiabank, Insurance Companies and start-up companies after taking our training followed by practical experience.

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