Software Training Academy delivers training via Intructor-Led Online Mode (ILOM) allowing maximum schedule flexibility. Training dates and times are personalized accordingly to your needs.

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NumberCourse NamePriceContent
T4043ASP.NET Core MVC$1,100content
T4143ASP.NET MVC Using C#$1,495content
T4101Object-Oriented Programming in C#$2,450content
T4102C# Essentials$1,100content
T4106Test-driven Programming Using Visual Studio and C#$880content
T4012.NET Core Frameworks$2,100content

Web Programming

NumberCourse NamePriceContent
WPH01Comprehensive PHP & MySQL$2,335Content
WJS01JavaScript & JQuery$1,995Content

Mobile (native and hybrid) Programming

NumberCourse NamePriceContent
SW101Introduction to Swift and iOS$1,995 Request
SW201iOS Programming I$1,995 Request
SW203iOS Programming II$1,995 Request
HB101Reactive Native $1,995 Request
HB102Flutter$1,995 Request


NumberCourse NamePriceContent
WP101Introduction to WordPress$880Request
WP401Comprehensive WordPress$1,995Request

Data Science & Databases

NumberCourse NamePriceContent
DB101Introduction to Databases and SQL$2,335Request
DB151Oracle 18c SQL Programming$2,335Request
DB152Oracle 18c PL/SQL Programming$2,895Request
DB178Introduction to Data Science$1,995Request
DB177Introduction to Data Analytics$1,995Request

Programming Languages

NumberCourse NamePriceContent
CP301C++ Programming$2,895content